(The Perfect) Roast Beef 

#1 Leave your roast beef out of the fridge to reach room temperature approx 1hr before. 

#2 Brush your roast beef with oil and season with salt and pepper, garlic or your favourite spices or rub. 

#3 Lay some extra pieces of fat over teh top of your roast (ask your butcher for extra fat). This will keep your roast moist and flavourful. 

#4 Preheat oven to 425 farenheit, place roast on rack in roasting pan uncovered and bake for 30 min to sear. 

#5 Reduce heat to 350 farenheit for balance of cooking time. Baste your roast a couple of times with drippings from bottom of pan. 

#6 Use a meat thermometer for accurate cooking likeness, approx 20 min per LB for medium. 

Cooking Temps: 125-130F Rare, 135-140F Medium Rare, 145-150F Medium, 155F Medium Well, 165F Well Done